Cycle Classic Tours online booking reservation:

Our online bookings platform reservation system shows you the available bikes types and brands per selected bike rental station. Reservations for all types of rental bikes are only possible through our bookings website. Reservations via phone cannot be accepted. Immediately after booking you will receive an e-mail confirmation that you need to print and show at the bike rental station you have chosen. Please send us an email if you did not recevieve our bookings voucher.

It’s very important to know your exact frame size. 

Roughly we measure by using this table. If you want to be 100% secure, go to a professional cycle shop in your own country, before you book a rental bike or you can contact us and we will recommend your size.

Height in inches    Height in centimetres   Frame size
5.1                                  155                                 48
5.2                                  157.5                              48/50
5.3                                  160                                 50
5.4                                  162.5                              50
5.5                                  165                                 52
5.6                                  167.5                              52/54
5.7                                  170                                 54
5.8                                  172.5                              54
5.9                                  175                                 56
5.10                                177.5                              56
5.11                                180                                 56/58
6.0                                  183                                 58
6.1                                  185.5                              58
6.2                                  188                                 58
6.3                                  190.5                              60

Group request?

If you want to book bikes for a group larger than 5 persons you can always contact us


Cycle Classic Tours Bikes?

Yes! We do have a bike fleet of 50 high end Cannondale Synapse and Supersix Evo Ultegra carbon road bikes for rent. Our office is based in Steenwijk and at our basement we have a bike rental outlet and working place. From here we deliver our own bikes to many places in Europe only on request. We are present during some Triathlon events, the Spring Classics in April, Gran Fondo events, Fund raising organisations or deliver to bike groups, single travellers and tour operators. Need some help? Send an email to info@cycleclassictours.com

Who is the owner of the other bikes?

Please note Cycle Classic Tours does not own the bikes (except the ones above). Our office is based in Steenwijk in the Netherlands. Through the years we have built up a long term relationship with our bike rental stations suppliers and we have carefully selected all our bike rentals stations in many countries in Europe. We guarantee the same prices as the bike rental companies would offer you. For sure you avoid  possible language barriers when reserving a bike trough our Cycle Classic Tours online bookings platform.


Many suppliers offering a delivery service. Cycle Classic cooperates with around 105 different  partners. Each supplier has its own system, you can find the info when making the booking under important details. The delivery schedule will be organized by the supplier of the bikes, mostly 4-5 days before the start date of your bike rental.

Rental duration?

The bike rental system is always based on calendar days. For example : If you decide to bring back a bike in the morning > this will be considered as a full day as this bike can’t be rent to another customer on the same day due to cleaning and repairing of the bike.


Some companies are open on Sunday and some are closed. Each supplier has its own opening hours. There are supplier who offer a delivery service on Sunday. Check the specific bookings page to see the opening hours. you can find this info when making the booking under important details.

Bikes are always available?

In busy times we block the automatic booking system and bike rentals will be only on request.
In case bikes won’t be available we will find another solution in the area  If neither this is possible we will refund your payment of course within 24 hours

What is your advantage to book through our Cycle Classic Tours platform?

Almost all bike hire bookings come with a non-refundable advance payment of only 15-20%. In case you cancel a bike hire you will only loose this payment. Mostly bike rental shops asking a full payment upfront with us its only 15-20%


Good cycle insurance policies are hard to find, especially for cyclists undertaking extended trips. Leave plenty of time to find the best policy that covers you AND your bike. Depending on your trip, it may be necessary to insure yourself and your bike and accessories separately. Make sure you ask plenty of questions of insurance companies and read the fine print to make sure you understand the policy’s conditions, and what is and isn’t included. It’s also important to know what caveats the insurance company has put in place to avoid having to pay out in the event of a claim: using a lock not on the insurer’s approved list; not having evidence of ownership of your bike and your lock (eg a sales receipt, photographs, etc); not locking the bike to a fixed object; or not using an ‘official’ cycle rack at a train station can all render a policy useless. It is also a good idea to photograph your bike and accessories prior to departure. If you opt not to wear a helmet, check that the personal liability component of any policy doesn’t require that you wear one.


Cycle Classic tours errors and mistakes (including misprints) are not binding. By making a reservation through Cycle Classic Tours you enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with the rental company at which you book. From the point at which you make your reservation, we act solely as an intermediary between you and the rental company, transmitting the details of your reservation to the relevant rental company and sending you a confirmation email for and on behalf of the rental company. However, we take responsibility for the rented goods. If the rental partner fails to provide the rental bikes according to the agreement, we fully refund you. There will be no refunds on in advance payments, except when bikes are not available anymore. The rental company is at all times responsible for- deliveries, ( drop off and collection) you need to get in contact with the bike rental station when having a delivery/pick up issue or for all kinds of bike maintenance.

E Mail 

Every day we getting so many emails regarding all kind of questions. We cannot answer all e-mails. For inquires you will receive a personal response – latest within two working days.

Happy cycling! 

Team Cycle Classic Tours