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Arles bike rentals

Arles France bike rentals with delivery only from the bike depot. Bike around Arles and along the Roman remains, including the amphitheater and the Roman obelisk. Downtown is also worthwhile to visit the impressive cathedral Saint Trophime and the Romanesque church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Major in the twelfth century.  If you like Roman history this is definitely the place you need to see. Cycle through the lavender fields and olive groves in the idyllic Provencal countryside. Enjoy Arles France in the most awesome way, on your bike! Cycle through medieval villages and enjoy the breathtaking views. When you think of a great cycling getaway, think about Arles. Arles is one of the best locations in the Provence to start your cycling holiday, make memories for life in Arles. Book your bike online now!


Plan your bike rental in 4 easy steps

1. Traveldate

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2. Bikes & Accesoiries


3. Pickup / Delivery options




Delivery only – All year round

Monday : 09.00-19.00
Tuesday : 09.00-19.00
Wednesday : 09.00-19.00
Thursday : 09.00-19.00
Friday : 09.00-19.00
Saturday : 09.00-19.00
Sunday : 09.00-19.00

Please note : Deliveries are possible for an extra charge of only € 20.00 per bike ( includes drop off and pick up) to Orange, Nimes and Arles.
Price extra charge to Avignon is € 25.00 per bike
Bike rental bookings must be submit at least 4 days in advance with a minimum of 3 bike rental days.

Delivery can be the day before the start of the trip at places with a reception ( hotel) to receive the bike if the person is not present.
If it is not a professional place, and the customer wants the bikes delivered at a precise time, we can set up an appointment.

Deliveries are possible
In the booking process you can add your delivery address
  • Pick up at the bike depot in Lunel
  • Orange – Arles – Nimes € 20 per bike ( includes pick up & drop off)
  • Avignon € 25 per bike
  • Other destinations on request –

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