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Bike rentals Kampen

Bike rentals Kampen. Kampen is an old historical Hanze city and has one of the most preserved old town centers of the Netherlands. Wander around and find the famous ancient city wall and lots of interesting old buildings that you can visit, like the Koornmarktspoort and Broederpoort. Outside of Kampen, you have many cycling routes. We reccomend a lovely ride from Kampen to Giethoorn. From Kampen you cycle to Zwartsluis. The ‘Zwartewater tour’ is a beautiful cycling route when riding out of Kampen. You will pass the most beautiful sights of Genemuiden and Zwartsluis. You will cycle through beautiful nature reserves and go on the ferry from Genemuiden to Zwartsluis over the Zwarte Water. On your way to Giethoorn, you pass by the lovely historical village of Vollenhove and the visitors center de Wieden in Sint Jansklooster before cycling to Blokzijl. From here it’s just a little more to Giethoorn.


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