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Road bike delivery service in Italy

Road bike delivery service Italy, rent a top-class road bike with delivery all over Italy. Book one of the top-class Wilier bikes below with delivery service to all places in Italy. Book your road bike online with just a few clicks. Choose the model and delivery address, you will find your road bike once you arrive.
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Deliveries all year round

Deliveries: in the booking process you can add your delivery address – after your request, we will send you the final booking.

Bookings must be submitted at least 7 days in advance with a minimum of 3 bike rental days.

1) Open the box and extract the bicycle.
2) Remove the plastic divider of the brake pads’ orange color and extract the fork’s through-bolt, then insert the tire and secure it with the through-bolt.
3) Loosen the stem’s screws, position the handlebar paying attention to center it properly, then tighten the 4 screws on the front plate in a cross-pattern. Lastly, tighten the two screws of the stem, screwing them alternatively a few times.
We provide the two wrenches needed for the assembly and you will find them inside the box.
The cardboard box and accessories contained inside must be stored with care. You will need them to return the bicycle.


1) Loosen the four locking screws of the handlebar and the two side screws of the stem.
2) Turn the handlebar in order to position it parallel to the horizontal tube of the bicycle, and tighten the two side screws of the stem and the four screws of the front plate so that the handlebar is secured properly.
3) Unscrew the quick release and extract the through-bolt, then extract the front tire and insert the orange dividers in the middle of the brake pads, and screw the through-bolt to the fork.
4) Lower the saddle.
5) Place the bicycle in the cardboard box, positioning the rear tire and front fork in the specific spaces, as well as the front wheel, and insert the two bicycle clamps in white biodegradable material: one above the tires and the other to secure the frame and handlebar.

Now close the box, seal it with the adhesive tape provided by us, and attach the sheet (always provided by us) to the box, with the return address.

Bookings. Accepted up to 7 days prior to the rental date. The last remaining payment needs to be paid 30 days before the start date
Deliveries. From Monday to Friday, excluding Saturday and Sunday.
When booking, indicate the complete address and telephone number of the recipient facility, otherwise we cannot guarantee the delivery of the bicycle.

Deliveries: in the booking process you can add your delivery address