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Valmalenco Bike Rentals

Valmalenco Bike Rentals, ”Long and high, but undiscovered”. PLEASE NOTE: Bookings must be submitted at least 3 days in advance with a minimum of 2 bike rental days. That is the short description of the ascent to Valmalenco. If you look beyond the profile and the stats, you see a climb into the heart of the Rhetian Alps, which runs through a beautiful landscape from start to finish. What makes wine production in this region special? Above all the steep mountain walls on which the grapes are planted. The vineyards consist of countless terraces separated by stone walls, which are difficult to access and sometimes give dizzying views. 


Plan your bike rental in 4 easy steps

1. Traveldate

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2. Bikes & Accesoiries


3. Pickup / Delivery options



Opening hours April – October 1

Monday : 09.00-18.00
Tuesday : 09.00-18.00
Wednesday : 09.00-18.00
Thursday : 09.00-18.00
Friday : 09.00-18.00
Saturday : 09.00-18.00
Sunday : 09.00-18.00

Helmet price is €5,00/day (for rentals up to 3 days) and €3,00/day (for rentals of 4 days or more)

  • Tire kit: saddle bag, spare tube, tire levers, mini pump. €15,00 deposit – if not used, the cost is refunded.
  • Tire repair spray: €10,00 deposit – if not used, the cost is refunded.
  • Standard pedals are included in the price or bring your own pedals

Clients need to return their bikes in the evening (for insurance reasons) and collect them again the following morning. This way the bikes can be cleaned and carried out for maintenance or repair works.

Rental service is available from April 8th until October 1st and is open daily from 8.30 AM until 6 PM. In other periods
it opens upon request (always from 8.30 AM until 6 PM), for clients who have booked their bikes.

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