Empoli bike rentals

Empoli bike rentals. The city of Empoli located only 20 kilometres from Florence. The city is an important agricultural centre and is situated along the Upper Arno Valley: a wonderful territory crossed by 4 important rivers: Arno, Pesa, Orme and Elsa. When you visit Empoli, don’t forget to visit Piazza Farinata degli Uberti, also known as Piazza dei Leoni (“Lions Square”). The area around Empoli offers many challenging climbs for road cyclists with amazing views and spectacular descents. Cycle along the rolling landscapes of Tuscany and discover the medieval villages, rugged nature and cosy towns. The hilly territory, perfectly paved roads and hardly any traffic offers an ideal scenario for cycling enthusiast.


Plan your bike rental in 4 easy steps

1. Traveldate

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2. Bikes & Accesoiries


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Opening hours: 

Deliveries – Normal delivery hours are from 9-12 am and 3-7pm with an additional charge of € 30 for anytime outside of these hours.

Monday : 09.00-12.00 & 15.00-19.00
Tuesday : 09.00-12.00 & 15.00-19.00
Wednesday : 09.00-12.00 & 15.00-19.00
Thursday : 09.00-12.00 & 15.00-19.00
Friday : 09.00-12.00 & 15.00-19.00
Saturday : 09.00-12.00 & 15.00-19.00
Sunday : 09.00-12.00 & 15.00-19.00

For reservations we need an advance payment of 20% of the total bike rental price, the rest amount need to be paid on location.

Let Cycle Classic Tours arrange your bike hire before you leave to Tuscany. You can rent a bike with us all over in Tuscany.
Please note: deliveries are only possible in a cirlce of 50 km ( 31 miles) around Pisa from the bike depot in Cascina.
Bookings must be submit at least 3 days in advance with a minimum of 3 bike rental days.

The additional charge for delivery or pick-up is based on our depot location in Cascina to the place where your accomodation is. Just send us an email if you want to book outside the area 55 km around Pisa